Which musical universe here ? (1)

Discovering this musical universe... an introduction.
Let's have a look (and a listen !) at a few sample albums.
With no particular theme, no clear purpose. Just having a walk through all styles of great music.

Here is the program for today
published: 10/01/2016

  • (intro) Welcome here !
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Welcome here !

Cusco, mercado central, 2005
Cusco, mercado central, 2005

Loving humanity, for its beauty, and for the collective chance we have to be part of it.

Loving it even though there are so many reasons to get despaired by its seemingly neverending ability to feed chaos and injustice.
But there are also so many reasons to be confident in a future which is still to be written. An endless source of optimism and good vibes is reachable at hand : by taking a step aside, and harvesting what's good and admirable in humanity.

This step aside is the nearby exile.

Travels in diverse countries.
Encounters, stories and histories. Cultures.
Arts, creations which are surpassing us, overwhelming us, here for eternity.

A word (or two) about the musical side of the website

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The musical side of the website started quite some time ago (in 2016). But I actually never nourished it past the initial launch, therefore it's been kind of a false start. As a result, the below "philosophy" is essentially a trace of the past. Yet, it's still valid, at the modest scale of this false start, in 2016 😁. But all is not lost, we may well talk about music again here, sooner than one might think...πŸ™‚

Music taste is very subjective... but it's widely accepted that I have very good taste in music πŸ™‚

The will to share this passion. The will to discuss with people. Then one day, comes the revelation : I know ! I will launch a website for this ! And here is the result, for your viewing pleasure...

Here we're going to wander through all this great music that I like !
Music from all styles, and all times : classical music, rock, pop, jazz, indie, electro, jazz, folk from elsewhere, and so on. Well, believe it or not, I am VERY picky in my music tastes ! πŸ™‚ , and in each of these styles there's MANY things I don't like πŸ™‚ You'll find out...

So, this website : let me explain "how it works" :

This site is bilingual : English + French... guess which one is my mother tongue ? πŸ™‚
Every couple of days, well, actually every time I find time to do so, I publish a new... publication.

-- " Hey, what is a publication ? " , you will ask

It's a package of several articles, 4 articles typically.
-- " But... what is an article, then ? "
An article talks about an album. In an article, I give my feelings about an album which I love. And there are links for listening to one great track from this great album. And there is also a place for you, for all of us, discussing & commenting this album (or what I said about this album, as you want πŸ™‚
-- " Ah ok, so in one publication, we have a few different albums, of different styles. And what's the logic behind this ? "
Well, the idea is that each time I publish a publication, you get my view about 4 great albums, you get 4 tracks to listen on these albums, and you get to discuss about all of this.
I think that 4 is the magic number πŸ™‚. So when you come around here, just sit comfortably, let your bad feelings away for a moment, and enjoy these 15 or 20 minutes of pure music enjoyment.

Most of the time, a publication consists in the following articles :

  • one classical album,
  • two rock/folk/pop/blues/electro/indie or whatever albums,
  • and one album of another style (jazz, world, french, ...).

This is the typical cocktail that I have prepared. Beware that it's strictly forbidden to skip a track ! the 4 tracks is what you have to listen to. Otherwise, it's like cheating, and the cocktail will not taste as good as it should πŸ™‚. If you don't know one track, just enjoy the discovery, and believe me that I want you good, you will say thank you afterwards πŸ™‚. Ok, one exception is if you know one track, and you really, really don't like it, but I don't know how this would ever happen ! πŸ™‚

There's something else I didn't explain yet...

Β  Β -- " Oh really ? What more should I know for understanding and enjoying even better what's going on here ?"
There is a theme. A theme of the moment. Each new publication is focused towards a purpose, a topic, a theme of the moment. For instance, for a moment, we may talk about "british invasion during the sixties", so there would be a few publications dealing with this theme, then after a while we may change the theme to "acoustic folk music".
Β  Β -- " Ok, so we travel through periods and styles, enjoying each of them for a moment, then moving to another style and another period, and so on ?"
Exactly, I could not have explained it better ! πŸ™‚

The beauty of the site, as I see it, is that, on one hand, you will be hooked to enjoying each new publications (come on, you know that, don't deny πŸ™‚ ), and we, the community of lovers of great music, we will get hooked discussing and debating about all these great albums.

And on the other hand, time after time, the publishing of these publications will slowly build a complete view of all this music I love, sorted and browsable by style, by artist, by whatever relevant. Some kind of an online database of my musical tastes. This is a perspective I like πŸ™‚

-- " Wow, I'm hooked !"

Yeah, I told you so πŸ™‚

Finally, a word about some of the listening choices : even with essential and very well known albums, we aim at listening to stuff out of the beaten track. For example, ok, Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" track is great, but I don't see much point of listening to it here, because we will hear it on the radio in the next couple of days anyway πŸ˜‰. Instead, we will focus on other masterpieces by Pink Floyd. Definitely, this website is meant to be out of the beaten track πŸ™‚

Oh, and you will quickly notice something : if using the builtin audio player, you will hear some bird songs during the audio playback. This is on purpose : we are comfortably sat in the backyard, the weather is beautiful, and there's some birds singing... more seriously, you should use the other listening options provided, in order to get unaltered audio playback.

Enough talk about theory, let's practice now !

So what is the theme of the moment, for a start ? It's a special one : it's about having a quick overview of all the styles we will further talk about. A quick discovery of my musical universe. So let's go for it !

To continue, just jump to next publication
Β  Β -- " Yes, let's go !"

Is there any monetization involved ?

Nothing phenomenal, but yes. Some links on the website are pointing to Amazon or to Booking, where we are subscribed as affiliates. If you make a purchase (on Amazon) or a reservation (on Booking) after having clicked on one of these links, then we receive a modest commission (a few percents), while you still pay the same price. Actually this applies whatever the things you eventually purchase, no matter if it's the article initially clicked or not.
Therefore you have this means to help us out πŸ™‚

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